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All Seasons Market

Project Elements:
Website Development, POS System Purchase & Support, Barcode Generation, In-house label printing

Overview – Where Should Your Money Go?

Although this project utilized a simple free responsive theme called Customizr, it highlights some of the things you may want to think about when creating your website. The client wanted a lot of pictures of the food available in the deli, so we set up an on-location product shot session using mobile lighting and the chef’s food presentation skills. We felt a budget focused more on SEO and social strategies would have made more sense, but the client was concerned about visual impact. Caveat: the chef moved on several months later, the menu changed considerably, and the client didn’t want to spend the money to do it all again so soon.

Barcodes & POS System Support

A more successful aspect of this project was the POS system and barcode support we provided. We shopped out a very reliable and inexpensive POS system from UpFront (we highly recommend them; the support is great and the system is very stable and expandable). The client also needed a lot of custom UPC’s for their deli items. They wanted the freedom to tweak and iterate the deli items in the first year, so weren’t eager to commit to outsourced label printing and pricey barcode label printers. Our solution: labels created in-house with standard office software, a laser printer, and a piece of freeware called ByteScout Barcode Generator. They were up and running in about a week!

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