How We Work

How We Work

Wrangling the amazing array of opportunities to promote your business with digital media can be a bit like juggling the pieces of an elaborate puzzle that is always changing shape as you piece it together. As a small business owner, you may not have the time to keep up, because you’re simply too busy running your business.

Humorously Ahead of the Curve

The very name of our company is based on a little joke that evolved out of Ian’s tendency to be a little too far ahead of the curve for some clients. Over the last fifteen years, Ian has made staying on top of tech trends a key focus. And on numerous occasions, a client has said something to the effect of “We wish we had listened to that suggestion you made a year ago, we’d be ahead of the game right now!” Running with the Cassandra joke, one of our new joke taglines is “Ignore Us At Your Peril”. Yes, we have a lot of fun with our work, because we LOVE it.

But Seriously

Bringing a cheerful attitude to the job doesn’t mean we’re not meticulously focused on bringing the most up-to-date best practices to the work we do for you, and handling your project with the utmost attention to detail, on-time production, and continued attention to your needs.

Virtualized Workspace

Since most of our work is handled by four people in three different states, and additional services are provided by trusted subcontractors or service partners, we don’t maintain a full time office location. Some work is done “virtually”, and some meetings may be held in cafes or home offices. For larger projects, we “hotel” office space. The net result of this work method is slightly lower rates for you.

Old School Service Attitude

We’re quite confident that the broad, deep knowledge our principal partners possess – combined with a passion for genuine old-school service values – are fairly unique in the realm of digital media services, which is stereotypically dominated by smug hipsters in skinny jeans and big shoes.

To learn more about how we work, drop us a line.

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