Digital Media Consulting

Digital Media Consulting

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Empowering Small Business

Today’s digital marketplace presents a small business owner with an amazing world of possibilities for marketing and managing their business that was impossible just a few years ago. The challenge a small business owner faces now is not the limitations of “old media” like print ads and file cabinets, it’s the sheer volume of choices and “decision overload” presented by this amazing world of options. Our strategy is to provide our clients with a smart framework to map a path through their digital media needs, so they can build processes for their organization based on self-reliance.

Sometimes All You Need is a Compass

People who start their own business – whether as a sole proprietor, SMB (small-to-medium business) or a larger enterprise-level operation – are usually smart and focused enough to tackle a lot of their marketing and organizational needs themselves. They’re often simply too busy working to get their bearings and make smart decisions about these needs. Our approach is to provide a practical, observation-based assessment of the client’s needs, and point them in the right direction.

Highly Adaptive Methodologies

Many established consulting firms – no matter what industry they’re in – use an intelligently cultivated, but often rigid approach to solving a client’s needs. We believe today’s business world evolves far too quickly to apply yesterday’s established solutions. Our approach is based partly on application of expertise, but leans much more on facilitating the client’s existing strengths, up-to-the-minute research of current best practices, and blending this all with a heuristics-based approach to creating a solution.

In Plain English

We listen to your needs, identify your strengths, and help you build on them with practical strategies based on the best current knowledge.

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