Who We Are

Who We Are Not

To clarify who we are, it might help to clarify who we aren’t:

  • We’re not stock photo silhouette people with an imaginary global footprint.
  • We’re not socially impaired technophiles who speak in secret code.
  • We’re not Silicon Valley startup dweebs panting over funding for a new app.

We are a few people who happen to have a broad array of skills in marketing, sales, digital media, and systems, and a passion for helping small and medium business owners thrive in their pursuits.

Keeping It Real

We prefer plain English to polysyllabic “corporate speak”, and getting things done to having lots of meetings about getting things done. We’ve worked in the rarified air of tech bubbles and irrationally funded startups, and prefer tackling work that provides real value to real people somewhere, even if it means not attending lavish launch parties or having lots of delightful meetings with VC’s.

Personal Bios & The Cobbler’s Shoes

We’ll have expanded bios for our full crew in the near future; we’ll be relocating our office and bringing new staff on board in July/August 2017. If you’re eager to know more sooner, you can always contact us.

Ian Gray has provided digital media services to organizations ranging from non-profits, to public school systems, to small business since 1999. His broad skill set is matched by a keen intuition for “nailing the message”, and a relentless work ethic.

Art Kay has worked in marketing and advertising since the mid 1990’s, providing brand and product rollout consulting and services for companies ranging from small startups to international tech conglomerates.

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