Who Is Cassandra?

Who IS this Cassandra, anyway?

Cassandra, as you may know, was a figure in Greek mythology who possessed the gift of prophecy, with the caveat that no-one would believe her prophecies. Meaning, for instance, that she warned the Trojans about the Greeks hiding inside the Trojan Horse, but no-one believed her. So Troy was destroyed.

This became the basis of a running joke with a few of Ian’s clients. On numerous occasions over the last decade, various clients have said something to the effect of “We wish we had listened to that suggestion you made a year ago, we’d be ahead of the game right now!” One client, who happened to be well-versed in Greek and Roman mythology – wryly observed: “You’re cursed! Like Cassandra!

Ignore Us At Your Peril

As cutting edge consultants in our various areas of expertise, we are in fact often far enough ahead of the curve that clients ignore pieces of our advice, only to learn too late that we were right. We’ve been seriously considering the tagline “Ignore Us at Your Peril” for our business cards.

But Cassandra Was Insane!

Well, maybe we are too. We’re insanely passionate about what we do. We work insanely hard. And we’re insanely meticulous when it comes to attending to our client’s needs. Sometimes a little insanity is a good thing.

But Seriously…

We find ideas and plans for action thrive when hard work, insight, and focus is peppered with a little levity. So while we take your needs quite seriously, we bring a lot of enthusiasm and a little fun to the process.

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