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You may have noticed there is a revolution taking place in the world of publishing. Print On Demand and eBooks have upended the world of traditional publishing, and had a profound impact on the world of retail book sales. While we love books and bookstores, we are embracing the change. We have been building channels for production and distribution of books and eBooks since early 2012.

Service Packages and Pricing

We offer two basic solutions to get your book published. One is fairly inexpensive, and consists of consulting and guidance into the rather complex world of this new publishing model, to help you create your own publishing channel. On a case-by-case basis, we also will review your material for inclusion in one of our two partner imprints, TransInformational or Master & Fool, possibly providing services ranging from editing, layout, and cover design, to merely preparing your finished files for press and including them in our catalog.

The Credibility of Being a Published Author

The days of highbrow sneering at what used to be called the “Vanity Press” are long gone. Some of the most successful authors in print have opted out of the meager royalties offered by traditional publishing houses in favor of creating their own web-driven tools for book production and distribution. And few things lend more credibility to the material you are delivering to various markets better than having a physical book to cross-promote.

Insane Profitability and Margins

Traditional publishing typically provided the kind of meager royalties of other media distribution industries like record labels, i.e.: pennies on the dollar, at best. An author might sell millions of units, and still be compensated at a rate little better than an unskilled laborer. This ratio of royalties to gross sales is literally inverted with the print-on-demand market, providing margins as generous as 70%, depending on the format and the pricing.

Learn more about details of plans and pricing HERE

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