Social Media Noise

Social Media Noise

It’s Noisy Out There

Now that everyone and their grandma has a blog, a Tumblr, a Facebook account, and have become SEO experts, it’s pretty noisy out there. And there are only two ways to cut through the noise of social media in 2014:

1.) Bold Actions

2.) Smart Targeting

Simple “shareability” won’t cut it any more. And some social networks that are still quite active have dropped in real engagement, and the demographics are always shifting. Not to mention that about every six months there’s a new “next big thing”.

Our approach is based on a realistic assessment of your resources, creative niche targeting, and making big statements. To get a sense of the number of options you may not have thought about, take a look at our Social Media Masher.

And if you’d like to work with us, review our starter packages, or drop us a line.

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