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There’s More To Life Than Facebook, Twitter, and SEO

Did you know that Facebook is a powerful tool for driving website traffic? Well it is if it’s 2012, anyway. The truth is that by the time most digital marketing services have spun up their motors to sell you the flavor of the day approach, it’s already a year behind the times. We don’t dwell in the past and sell it to you, we do up to the minute research tailored to your needs, TODAY.

What Are S.M.A.S.H Analytics?

Aside from being a handy acronym for Social Media and Search Heuristics, SMASH is our hands-on, eyes-open approach to determining what your real needs are for social media and search engine strategies, and helping put solutions in action. “Heuristic” simply means “experience-based problem solving”, and that’s just what we do. Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach and telling you to Tweet, get Likes, and spend tons on SEO, we look at your resources, your place in the market, and help you develop a strategy based on your unique situation.

How Does It Work? Strategies vs Band-aids

It works by assuming we know very little, and then creating a strategy from the ground up. Both social media and search are incredibly dynamic in nature, and as we joked at the top, by the time a service becomes popular enough to warrant utilizing it as an integrated marketing strategy, it may already have reached its apex! This requires taking a really fresh, really smart look at the social/search environment on a very regular basis.

Try The Social Media Masher

As an example of just how easy it is to be out of date, check out our Social Media Masher, which is a fun tool to get a glimpse of how we determine where to focus social media and search campaigns. It will probably be out of date by mid year!

Try the Social Media Masher HERE

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