Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting

Do your customers like you, or do they LOVE you?

A “brand” is much more than a logo, some taglines and a “brand identity set” consisting of stationery and business cards. A brand is about communicating the soul of what you do in a way that allows people to build a genuine emotional connection with your products or services.

Our principal partners each have about twenty years experience working with marketing, sales, campaign conceptualization, copy writing, visual design, and deployment of both web and “real world” strategies for building an organization’s identity, key messaging, and “vibe”.

Regardless of where your organization is in the evolution of its identity, we can probably help it evolve more.

We’d especially love to tackle a new brand from the ground up, so if you have a new venture, we might cut quite a deal.

To learn more about what we have to offer, feel free to drop us a line.

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